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Heavy rain and flash floods have left 300 dead and over 2000 homes destroyed with many more damaged.  

With more rain yet to come and heavy mud now covering 80% of certain villages affecting agriculture and livelihoods, it is our duty to help our brothers and sisters.  

Donate now to help provide:

£50 food packs

£100 cash assistance

£200 shelter kit

Decades of foreign occupation has left the people of Afghanistan rebuilding their lives with a strong sense of community and hope for the future, despite the years of trauma and war.  

Our projects in Afghanistan are aimed to create sustainability and uplift the families of the shuhadah. 

We offer a large range of projects such as Orphan sponsorships, the Paghman Girls school, Jannat Gul hospital, Homes and Vocational skills centre, as well as our sustainability projects.  

He Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: 

None of you [truly] believes until he loves for his brother that which he loves for himself. [Al-Bukhari] [Muslim] 

Donate now to help rebuild our Ummah.  

Orphan Sponsorship 

In Afghanistan, 26 of Afghanistan’s 68 orphanages have been shut down due to the current economic crisis. 

Human Aid & Advocacy are providing essential shelter, food, education and healthcare to the children of the shuhadah. 

Your donation will provide continuous support to much needed beneficiaries, -providing these orphans with a strong foundation for a bright future.  

The Prophet (pbuh) said, “The one who cares for an orphan and myself will be together in Paradise like this”, and he (pbuh) held his two fingers together to illustrate. [Bukhari]   

Donate now

£40 monthly 

£480 annually 

This project has been accredited as Zakah eligible by the Islamic Finance Advisory

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Afghanistan Homes 

Our housing project is designed to provide homes to those most vulnerable, particularly orphans, widows, and their families. It is a 2-bedroom home with a kitchen and bathroom, designed to fulfil the needs of our survivors.  

 £8500 for a 2-bedroom home. 

Paghman Girls School 

The Paghman Girls School serves 160 students from the ages of 6 to 20 years, teaching Islamic studies, mathematics and local literature. 

Despite lacking in essential facilities, as well as the school needing refurbishment and support with educational materials., our young sisters still arrive ready to learn every day. 

Your donations can help expand the school as well as provide essentials needed for the daughters of our ummah to flourish. 

£5000 towards a classroom  

£50 a desk  

£40 a Musallah  

£2 a brick 

Vocational skills centre 

The Afghanistan Vocational Institute plays a vital role in supporting orphans and widows, with opportunities for education and sustainable professional development

Offering courses ranging from mechanical engineering and plumbing to  carpentry and computing, the Institute presents a vital opportunity for students to develop a skill professionally, supporting survivors on their quest for financial independence.

£100 sponsors a student  

Projects included:    

  • Construction   
  • Mechanics   
  • Electrical engineering   
  • Handicraft (Sewing)   
  • Cooking   
  • Plumbing   
  • Carpentry   
  • Computing   
  • English 

Jannat Gul Hospital

Your donation will go towards expanding the premises and medical departments; setting up the hospital to ensure it is fit for purpose. With your support, the hospital will stand to benefit from the employment of specialised personnel as well as vital medical equipment. 

  • Surgical operations - £500 for 10 surgeries 
  • Childbirth including post-natal care - £300 for 10 births 
  • Emergency treatment - £100 for 5 patients 
  • All of the above can be provided for £500 

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