Afghanistan Sustainability Projects

The people of Afghanistan need your support.  

After the withdrawal of  US military forces from Afghanistan, international support from NGOs and humanitarian organisations waned, leaving newly independent Afghanistan struggling for essential aid, against an unpredictable and galvanised changing landscape.   

Currently in the grips of an economic crisis, many Afghan households are deprived of stable income and are unable to meet their family’s basic needs.  

You can make a significant difference to the lives of these Afghan families, who are left reeling from the aftermath of war and occupation. 

Our Sustainability projects provide sustainable livelihood and employment opportunities. You can help Afghan survivors to support their families and fulfil their fundamental needs. 

Our sustainable projects include:  

  • Providing families with livestock, like cows, to utilise for milk and breeding, to sustain household incomes. 
  • Equipping family breadwinners with rickshaws and zarangs (motorised carriages) enabling them to earn a sustainable income.    

Cost of the projects:

  • Cow: £900  
  • Rickshaw: £2,000   
  • Zarang: £1,000  
  • Sewing Machine: £100
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