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With the situation worsening across Palestine, Syria and Afghanistan, our Survivors need your help now more than ever.  

Our teams are on the ground now providing emergency aid, medical assistance, food and shelter.  

  • £30 can provide a HYGIENE KIT
  • £50 can provide a FOOD PACK
  • £150 can provide EMERGENCY SHELTER

Please we urge you to donate whatever you can and support our brothers and sisters. 

May Allah rectify the affairs of the believers and give them relief from the oppressors, Ameen.  


Gaza is under attack once again!

Over the last few days, Israel launched yet another barrage of attacks on Gaza, targeting residential buildings, public areas and agricultural sites. Tens of Palestinians have been martyred, whereby more than 70% of whom are women and children. As the number of casualties mounts, the silence from the mainstream media is deafening. 

As the Palestinian people are refusing to succumb to Israeli Occupation, we must show our support and solidarity with the Oppressed Palestinian people. From a humanitarian standpoint Human Aid & Advocacy is distributing fundamental aid in the form of food, healthcare and other essential support to Survivors in Gaza including the rebuilding of damaged homes. 

The Key Need right now is for 

  • Fuel and Medicines for Hospitals
  • Cash for families

Our teams are responding to Israeli aggression once again attempting to fracture the spirits and land of the people of Gaza. 

We advocate for a Free Palestine.

Afghanistan Earthquake

Another devastating 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit Afghanistan, only hours ago. Entire villages have been levelled and many people are trapped alive under the rubble. The Afghan people are reeling from aftershocks, hospitals are overwhelmed, and search and rescue teams are poorly equipped to deal with the sheer enormity of the disaster. 

The quakes have caused widespread destruction, decimating countless buildings and thousands of homes. Dozens of villages have been completely destroyed and people remain trapped alive under the rubble and debris. Many Afghans are now homeless and displaced.

Our team are on the ground in Herat province responding to the emergency and providing vital aid to survivors

Syria Emergency


Syrian civilians are suffering after heavy bombardment by Syrian regime forces in Idlib over the past 5 days, which has so far killed 16 people including 5 children and 3 women.

Human Aid and Advocacy has verified with our team on the ground that heavy bombing has taken place, causing injury, death and destruction to many innocent civilians.
We need to advocate for the rights and self-determination of the Syrian people and an end to this decades long war imposed by the Syrian government!
Support our aid efforts on the ground by donating now!

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