In another suppressive attack on Palestinian's rights to self-determination, dignity and their stolen land, the Israeli occupation have bombarded occupied West Bank city of Jenin, killing at least 5 Palestinians and critically injuring dozens.

The city is up in smoke following hours of airstrikes and explosions, causing major destruction to the Jenin refugee camp. Bulldozers are purging the streets, and the military is reportedly breaking down doors to set up snipers on rooftops of Palestinian homes.

Since the beginning of the year the death toll has risen to over 185 and now the Israeli occupation have launched a fierce attack against Palestinian families with raids that are the first of their kind seen in decades.

Our emergency response campaign will help alleviate these difficulties by facilitating the delivery of food and vital healthcare.

£10,000 is needed in medical aid and hospital support 

£500 for Cash assistance to families in need on the ground 

£60 provides a family with a food pack 

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