Syria Homes

Rebuild the lives of Widows and Orphans in Syria.

11 years of oppression, but more hope than ever before.

A peaceful uprising against the regime turned into a full-scale war, leaving half a million people dead, devastated cities and has left over 6.9 million internally displaced. Despite this, they remain resilient and defiant against the oppressors and continue to have hope that they will one day soon rebuild their home.

For many children in Syria, war is the only thing they know. Let’s change that.

Across Syria, Human Aid are helping Syrians recover from trauma, as well as delivering lifesaving support. We are building homes so that families will not have to suffer in flimsy tents.

“Dar al-Khair” or ‘The Abode of Goodness’ is a housing project which aims to rehome Syrian IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) from the Idlib region, many of whom have been displaced multiple times. Our aim is to provide homes in a safe environment, allowing families to rebuild their lives. There will be recreational facilities and a community centre, to assist with the psycho-social rehabilitation needed by many.