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Donation Policy

Where do our funds come from?

Human Aid & Advocacy is committed to remaining independent from the external agendas of funding agencies. This is why our funds only come from individual donors and the donations of other charities to the projects we implement. We do not take institutional funding, to best ensure that our vision and mission can truly be brought to life.

What is my donation spent on?

For every £1 you donate, 87.5p is spent on supporting our survivors via our aid programmes and advocacy, which focuses on drawing public attention to the real causes of war and persecution of Muslims and providing a voice to Survivors, advocating justice for them. The remaining 12.5p goes towards supporting the implementation of your donations. All of your donations go towards supporting our Survivors via aid and advocacy, either directly or indirectly.

What are our implementation costs?

Implementation costs are vital for us to operate and deliver all projects and programmes to our Survivors. These costs typically cover expenses, such as rent for offices, equipment, such as computers and software, auditing accounts, training to ensure your amanah is delivered to a high and efficient standard, and staff salaries and volunteer expenses.

Why do we not have a 100% donation policy?

Human Aid & Advocacy would not be able to deliver all our life changing programmes without expending on admin. 100% donation guarantees suggest to donors that 100% of donations go exclusively and directly to the people in need, however, the general awareness of this application in practice is not always established. Therefore, we find there are gaps in understanding the true meaning of a 100% donation policy, largely due to the absence of a codified or unified description.

Human Aid & Advocacy believe in transparency; therefore it is vital to make our donors aware of how donations are spent and how we implement our projects and programmes. This in turn promotes accountability and builds trust in our work and efforts.

Our Zakah Policy

Human Aid & Advocacy have adopted the model Zakah policy from the Islamic Council of Europe. Our Shariah advisors are Shaykh Suliman Ghani, Shaykh Abdul Qayum and Shaykh Fuad Abdo

View Our Zakah Policy (fully adopted ICE model policy)

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