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Human Aid's foundations go back nearly 20 years. After supporting our survivors across many war torn countries, it was time to reflect and change the way we understand and give 'aid'. 

Three big ideas lie at the core of the renewed brand, shaping the new direction of Human Aid & Advocacy.

The way we give aid needs to be different!

Problem: In the charity sector, a unintended narrative has emerged within conflict zones, one that depicts charities and donors as heroes: the saviours of the story. In this, survivors are portrayed as the weak, they are the downtrodden; victims. The villains are conceptual: hunger, poverty, famine. This narrative strips our survivors of agency and independence continuing a cycle of dependency on aid.

Way Forward: Human Aid & Advocacy reframes this story where the true heroes are the survivors: those standing up to oppression, refusing to give up in the face of oppression. Correspondingly, the villains are not conceptual, nor inanimate: they are oppressors (individuals or states). Hunger, poverty and famine, are the products of their oppression. In this story donors are the ones assisting and honouring them, and charities are just the facilitators, the vehicle allowing donors to assist and support the heroes. 

Charity is not enough!

Problem: Humanitarian Aid in conflict zones is just a plaster over a deep wound, while immediate aid is a completely necessary component of humanitarianism, it does not work to stop the deep wound in the first place. An analogy that can be drawn is that we see the oppressed laying on the floor, subdued due to the foot of the oppressor on his neck. Aid is brought to the oppressed feeding him and then he is left in his situation, ignoring the elephant in the room, the foot of the oppressor on his neck. 

Way Forward: Aid must go hand in hand with Advocacy. Aid is the immediate response while Advocacy is the long term effort to remove the need for aid in the first place. The focus of our Advocacy will be two fold:

  1. Draw public attention to the real causes of war and persecution of Muslims
  2. Provide a voice to the survivors of war and persecution and advocating justice for them 

We aim to do this via awareness campaigns and telling stories that are often missed or ignored. 

It’s not about chasing the money! 

Problem: Inadvertently, the charity sector has succumbed to chasing funding targets, in turn, creating a model of perverse interdependency. Disasters appear as opportunities to bring in funds, and a problematic cycle is formed. 

Way Forward: Specialising in specific areas of humanitarianism is the way forward, that's why Human Aid & Advocacy only works in countries where there is/has been war and persecution of Muslims. Specialising in specific arenas of humanitarian aid will serve our ummah best, bringing about greater impact, rather than trying to master all areas. This means that it's not about chasing the money and intervening in every arena, rather the mission must always come before anything else, even the organisation. 

Human Aid & Advocacy's Vision is ‘To see a world where believers can worship Allah free from the fear of war and persecution’. 

The Mission is to 'Establish a connected ummah of ambassadors working together to support survivors of war and persecution through humanitarian assistance and advocacy, where we will address the root causes of oppression, while empowering survivors and restoring their dignity.'

We are all here to Serve Our Survivors!

Be a part of the change, join the movement today!

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