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The sale of UK arms and the £7 billion trade deal with Israel is enabling the Zionist entity in its apartheid and plausible genocide of Palestinians.


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Since October 7, 2023, the Gaza Strip has witnessed the murder of over 32,000 Palestinian lives due to Israeli bombardment. They have not only targeted civilians but have also severely destroyed critical infrastructure, such as health services, exacerbating the suffering of the Palestinian population. The deliberate obstruction of aid and essential resources, like food and clean water, has led to widespread starvation and illness, constituting a war crime under international law.

On April 2nd, 2024, Israel conducted targeted air strikes in the Gaza Strip, resulting in the murder of 7 aid workers from World Central Kitchen, including 3 UK citizens. This attacks exemplifies a broader pattern of Israeli war crimes, with the deliberate use of starvation as a tactic of warfare, a condemnation underscored by the European Union's foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell.

Aircraft equipped with components manufactured in the UK are being deployed to devastate areas of Gaza, inflicting terror upon Palestinians. By persisting in the sale of these weapons, the UK is complicit in the daily slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza. 

Recently, over 600 lawyers, among them former Supreme Court President Lady Hale have signed a letter addressed to the Prime Minister warning that the government's ongoing arms exports to Israel may constitute a breach of international law. 

In January 2024, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) delivered a significant ruling, that Israel's could plausibly be committing acts of genocide against the Palestinian people. This ruling places a moral and legal obligation on the UK, along with other nations, to take immediate action to halt these atrocities. Yet, the UK’s inaction shows its complicity in the genocide of Palestinians. Moreover, ongoing negotiations for a new trade deal between the two countries threaten to deepen this complicity and legitimise the apartheid regime further.

It is imperative for the UK government to take decisive steps without delay.

Concrete actions must include:

  • Immediate end to the trade of arms or related technology between the UK and Israel;
  • Suspend all existing UK-Israel trade agreements. 


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Humanitarian Aid in conflict zones is just a plaster over a deep wound, while immediate aid is a completely necessary component of humanitarianism, it does not work to stop the deep wound in the first place. An analogy that can be drawn is that we see the oppressed laying on the floor, subdued due to the foot of the oppressor on his neck. Aid is brought to the oppressed feeding him and then he is left in his situation, ignoring the elephant in the room, the foot of the oppressor on his neck. 


Aid must go hand in hand with Advocacy. Aid is the immediate response while Advocacy is the long term effort to remove the need for aid in the first place. The focus of our Advocacy will be two fold:

  1. Draw public attention to the real causes of war and persecution of Muslims
  2. Provide a voice to the survivors of war and persecution and advocating justice for them 

We aim to do this via awareness campaigns and telling stories that are often missed or ignored. 


Palestinians are yearning for liberation, and their needs are not limited to immediate supplies like food, medicine, or fuel. Muslim charities have a moral obligation to speak out. This is what our Palestinian beneficiaries need, and what our donors expect. Remaining silent about Israeli apartheid and colonial subjugation is not an option.

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