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After over a decade of brutal state repression of the Syrian people's aspiration for freedom, devastating bombing raids from the governments of Russian, Iran, the USA, the UK and others, and systematic persecution by Daesh, the Syrian people have now been hit by an earthquake unprecedented in its scale and destruction. 

A devastating earthquake struck Turkey and Syria, early morning on Monday 6th February, resulting in widespread deaths, injuries and critical damage to essential infrastructure. Measuring 7.9 in magnitude, the quake was felt throughout Central Turkey and northwest Syria. Hours later, a second 7.5 quake hit the region, causing further extensive destruction. Shocks and tremors were felt around the world, from Egypt to Greenland.  

With the death toll exceeding 47,000 and countless injured, critical rescue operations are underway across much of southern Turkey and northern Syria. Scores of people are trapped under collapsed and decimated buildings, with stormy and snowy weather conditions, low temperatures, insufficient shelters and safe gathering points, and the lack of emergency services reach significantly restricting relief efforts. 

The earthquake has decimated countless homes, buildings and entire neighbourhoods. It is the worst the country has experienced since 1999. Legions of people are currently trapped beneath collapsed infrastructure and rubble, leaving already overwhelmed and under-resourced vital health services struggling to cope. 

Much of the destruction is concentrated in border areas, in established refugee neighbourhoods, housing millions of refugees. 

Already wracked by war and destruction, thousands of families are displaced,  and in desperate need of food packs, hot meals, hygiene packs, clothing and shelter. 

Donate now to assist Syrian survivors and support their fight for survival.  


Bombed. Displaced. Discarded. Right now, Syrians are enduring over ten years of conflict – and many will die because they cannot access the basic services. Lives are at risk as hundreds of thousands of people find themselves fleeing into squalid camps vulnerable to war and weather, as well as mounting rates of poverty, malnutrition, and not to mention – the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Across Syria, 11.7 million people need humanitarian help, and almost 2 million have fled to the Idlib region – half of those are children.  

Human Aid UK have a successful record of accomplishment of delivering your aid to Syrians in need. We delivered food and baby milk to families sheltering below ground, during the siege of eastern Ghouta. We supported struggling Hospitals in northern Syria with modified ambulances to save lives on the frontline. We kept families fed and warm during bitterly harsh winters in Idlib. However, the truth is, it is not enough and we need to reach more.  

By supporting this emergency fund, we will be ready to deliver quickly wherever disaster strikes Syrians in their country.  

This war has claimed too many lives, act now by donating with Human Aid & Advocacy

Earthquake Relief

Your support will enable the following to be delivered:

  • Food packs
  • Hot meals 
  • Clothing
  • Shelter

This project has been accredited as Zakah eligible by the Islamic Finance Advisory

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More than 10 years of war has devastated Syria and its people.  

Now, more than ever, Syrian survivors are in need of your help. Living in abject poverty, with limited access to daily necessities, 14.6 million Syrians are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance.  

Beleaguered by already limited employment opportunities, tragic losses of main breadwinners to war, and now wracked by an earthquake claiming the lives of more than 1,500 people and counting, survivors are left in dire need without financial stability, sustenance or shelter.   

Human Aid & Advocacy are providing homes to the largest internally displaced population in the world.  

“Dar al-Khair” or ‘The Abode of Goodness’ is a housing project aiming to rehome Syrian IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) from the Idlib region. Many of these survivors have been displaced multiple times.  

 Our housing project is designed to provide homes to those most vulnerable, particularly orphans, widows and their families, in a safe environment, allowing our Syrian survivors to rebuild their lives. Your donation will go towards building ‘Dar al-Khair’, including recreational facilities and a community centre to assist with essential psycho-social rehabilitation. 

You can help Syrian orphans and widows to rebuild their lives and recover from the trauma of war and disaster.  

Your donation could be the building block of change that our Syrian survivors so desperately need.  

Donate today to provide shelter and security to widows and orphans in Syria. 

£3000 - 1 fully furnished home

This project has been accredited as Zakah eligible by the Islamic Finance Advisory

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Orphan Sponsorship 

More than 11 years have passed since the beginning of the civil war, and for many Syrian children war is the only life they know. 

Syrian children are living in the world's #1 most dangerous place to be a child. They have suffered unimaginable violations. As boys drop out of school to help their families survive, they face an increased risk of exploitation by armed groups. Girls in Syria face a high risk of child trafficking and sexual exploitation, including child marriage. 

More than 80% of Syrian IDPs are women and children. 

Human Aid & Advocacy have been working in Syria to improve the standard of living for orphans. 

With your donation, we can provide food and educational costs, so these orphans can live a life like any other child. 

Donate today to sponsor a Syrian orphan, and provide these vulnerable children with food and education.  

Sponsor an orphan today to deliver much needed support to orphaned children living in the world’s most dangerous place to be a child. 

Permit yourself the opportunity to be with the Prophet (pbuh) in paradise, and empower these children with the stability they need to survive.   

The Prophet (pbuh) said, “The one who cares for an orphan and myself will be together in Paradise like this”, and he (pbuh) held his two fingers together to illustrate. [Bukhari] 

All sponsors will be provided with updates, including an Orhan profile and a detailed annual report, comprising of the beneficiary’s details, a progress summary, an education report and future recommendations.   

£480 annually 

This project has been accredited as Zakah eligible by the Islamic Finance Advisory

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As a result of the ongoing war in Syria, many schools have been the target of bombing, with the education sector being deeply affected. Many schools have been destroyed during shelling, leaving many children without education. 

The Syrian School project aims to accommodate 500 students, through constructing 24 classrooms, in this fit-for-purpose development.  

Your donation can provide the tools of empowerment to an indigent community, and facilitate a welcome opportunity for the younger generation to prosper.  

Over a decade of war has deprived generations of children safe access to education.  

During these turbulent times, you can give the gift of education to a Syrian child and safeguard the next generation of school children. 

£240  Contribute to Rebuild a School

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