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It is narrated on the authority of Abu Huraira that the Messenger of Allah (saw) observed:

"There have come the people of Yemen they are tender of hearts, the belief is that of the Yemenites, the understanding (of the faith) is that of the Yemenites and wisdom is that of the Yemenites." (Sahih Muslim)

In the face of war, blockade and bombing, the people of Yemen stay resilient and its our duty to support them as they stay fearless against their oppressors.

We are providing essential food packs, solar powered water wells and baby milk to our brothers and sisters on the ground.

Donate now to fulfil your duty. 

Yemen is facing the worst humanitarian and economic crisis in its modern history, characterised by increasing food insecurity and high malnutrition rates. The combined effects of the ongoing war, blockade, air strikes, as well as internal displacement of the population has left the nation in widespread need of assistance. An estimated 21.2 million Yemenis are currently in crisis.

Suffering from a shortage of water, 50% of the population struggles daily to access enough safe, clean, potable water. With fuel prices increasing, this number is set to rise significantly, as many Yemenis are being priced out of access to their basic needs.

Baby Milk  

In Yemen and Syria, distressed mothers are unable to breastfeed and babies are dying from malnutrition.  

Emotionally and physically distressed, with limited access to food and adequate nutrition, families, particularly mothers are unable to nurse and feed their children. As a result, babies are perishing from malnutrition. 

An alarming number of infants are suffering from acute malnutrition, leading to an increase in stunted development and wasting in many vulnerable babies and children.  

Malnutrition is devastating. It blunts the intellect, saps productivity, and perpetuates poverty. Unfortunately, many households in Yemen and Syria are unable to meet their basic needs, and baby milk is an expense few can afford.  

Stunting and wasting are reaching critical levels in these communities, highlighting the need to take action. 

An adequate, well-balanced diet is the bedrock of babies' survival.  

In response to this dire situation, Human Aid & Advocacy launched the Baby Milk Project in Syria and Yemen, setting up clinics and providing baby milk formula, supporting mothers and families who are unable to sufficiently nourish and feed their children.  

The Baby Milk Project provides assistance to vulnerable children in Syria and Yemen, providing nutrition through baby milk and anti-reflux formula.   

You can make a critical difference to the health of these infants.  

An adequate, well-balanced diet is the bedrock of child survival, health and development. Well-nourished children are more likely to be healthy, productive, and ready to learn.  

Your donation to the Baby Milk Project can help protect a child from malnutrition and support the bedrock of their survival. 

£60 - Baby Milk  1 Month 

£360 - Baby Milk  6 Months

£720 - Baby Milk 12 Months 

This project has been accredited as Zakah eligible by the Islamic Finance Advisory

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