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Charity is not enough!

Problem: Humanitarian Aid in conflict zones is just a plaster over a deep wound, while immediate aid is a completely necessary component of humanitarianism, it does not work to stop the deep wound in the first place. An analogy that can be drawn is that we see the oppressed laying on the floor, subdued due to the foot of the oppressor on his neck. Aid is brought to the oppressed feeding him and then he is left in his situation, ignoring the elephant in the room, the foot of the oppressor on his neck. 

Way Forward: Aid must go hand in hand with Advocacy. Aid is the immediate response while Advocacy is the long term effort to remove the need for aid in the first place. The focus of our Advocacy will be two fold:

  1. Draw public attention to the real causes of war and persecution of Muslims
  2. Provide a voice to the survivors of war and persecution and advocating justice for them 

We aim to do this via awareness campaigns and telling stories that are often missed or ignored. 


We launched a nationwide billboard campaign at 98 locations in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leicester, Bradford and beyond. The focus of the campaign was ending trade and arms sales with Israel.


We are a strategic partner of the Stand 4 Uyghur campaign, focusing on the plight of the Muslims of East Turkistan who have been subjected to 'concentration camps' by the Chinese. 

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